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vr 21 jan




We invite everyone to deeply connect with themselves and other people. During this meeting Edith-Bernadette answers your questions on spirituality, emotional healing and relationships. She will teach on how to discover who you are by planning your life.

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Tijd en locatie

21 jan 2022, 18:30 – 19:35 CET

Arnhem, Boekhorstenstraat 58, 6828 DV Arnhem

Over het evenement

Our society haven't taught us how to be and feel when we experience a crisis.

We are living in a time that there are so many things happening around you that are causing you stress, fear or anxiety  whether it be an natural disasters, political unrest, violence, or it can be a life crisis, where you go through a divorce, the loss of a family member, heartbreak whatever it is the list goes on and on.

Whatever it is it is not asy to deal with the pain of a broken heart, or the feeling that you are not good enough. 

When this happen we enter a path of darkness and we dont see light at the end of it, as a matter of fact it can take years to find our way out.

But what if I tell you that I can learn you how to thrive during all whats happen?

What if you knew exactly how to respond and what to do? How would that change your life and the lives of those around you?


During the PowerUp Edith-Bernadette will inspire you to stand during dark times. She will help you to turn on your own light. not only by talking and saying some powerfull words. The Powerup meetings are there to anwer quistions to teach to laugh to cry and to be poweredUP.

We hope to see you. 

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